New ID cards for ‘Foreign Nationals’

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So foreign nationals, or the ‘dirty immigrants’ as the government likes to call them are to receive ID cards. It seems that the people from the No2ID campaign have missed the point slightly; they’re happy to talk about ‘salami slicing’ the measures in to bring in the ID system, but why is no one talking about the implicit racism involved here? It’s a multilayered thing. We are supposed to have a British identity and a European identity – at least politically. So we’re not racist against Brits or EU residents. But everyone else is a threat to our borders, just like people from European countries were before the EU.

In one way I’m quite glad this is coming in to effect. It’s exactly what I’ll be talking about in my thesis.

‘Hardie is “Greatest Labour Hero”‘ – BBC

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Kier Hardie has been voted Labour’s greatest hero. I can’t argue too much – it’s a good call. Although, if you look at the people in the running I think my league table would differ slightly:

1) Nye Bevan – because he is an absolute legend and my all time Labour Hero
2) Kier Hardie – because without him we wouldn’t have a party worth calling Labour (although sometimes we can still doubt that now, right?)
3) Clem Atlee – because he was an unsung hero, but how much of him was just figurehead?
4) Barbara Castle – because her determination and strength of mind was phenomenal (NB – she could have been higher, but to my shame I don’t know enough about her)

So, What does Tom Miller, Peter Kenyon and Bob Piper think?

What were you doing when you heard about…

I have been tagged by a certain Mr. Kenyon, and considering my lack of posting recently, I think it’s only fair for me to comply!

Princess Diana’s death – 31st August 1997

When I heard about this, I had gotten up early (I was slightly younger then than I am now…), and happened to catch it on the news. I woke up my parents because it was obviously a big deal. But after that I wasn’t really too bothered.

Margaret Thatcher’s Resignation – 22nd November 1990
Even though I was only four years old, I organised possibly the biggest party anyone had ever saw. We congoed, we played strip snap, and we drank yards of milk. It was fantastic. Oh, and if the bat does get a state funeral, I wager that at least 40% of people who turn up will be there just to make sure that she has actually left us

Attack on the twin towers – 11 September 2001

I was off school ill this day, when I was in year 10. I watched the second plane hit the tower live on TV. I guess that makes me a part of history

England’s World Cup Semi Final against Germany – 4 July 1990
I guess I might have been near the TV screen, but other than that I couldn’t tell you

President Kennedy’s Assassination – 22 November 1963
The grassy Knoll. But no one knows that.

I won’t tag anyone to do this – that’d be a little cheeky considering my absence!